Hela connectors are an integral part of hydraulic, industrial and heating networks. The highest quality brass fittings ensure tightness of connections in pipelines and their continuity. The modular design of the connectors allows any configuration in the full range of diameters, and assembly does not require specialized tools. Brass fittings are resistant to dezincification and have PZH certificate.

What differentiates HELA PEX pipe connector line from other products?

The main difference between HELA PEX pipe fittings and the alternative products available elsewhere is the high quality of design and manufacturing. During all of the production phases we strive to achieve the best possible outcome, which is why we proceed our work with great attention to detail and utilize only the finest materials. With the help of experienced workers and the newest generation of equipment, the risk of providing you with faulty hydraulic fittings is almost non-existent.

To make use of our brass fittings there is no need for special equipment. This, in turn, means that the process of pipeline assembly becomes even quicker, easier and less problematic than before. Additionally, HELA connectors are resistant to dezincification, a type of corrosion that can significantly reduce the strength and tightness of an item. This property is crucial for the longevity of the fittings, making them last longer without any repairs, even in the most hostile environments (especially with connectors being a common cause for issues during breakdowns).

How to choose the correct connector size?

The most important thing to remember, while answering the aforementioned question, is that the connector has to be compatible with pipe diameter. This ensured the tight fit, eliminating most of the problems that may have occured later. We provide a wide array of different shapes and sizes of our products, ranging from small and medium to large ones intended for the widest of pipelines.

The minimum and maximum diameter of the pipe depends on the type of the product. Some hydraulic fittings are adapted to pipes with a diameter from 20 to 100mm, others from 25 to 125mm. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is worth investigating what kind of pipe you are working with in order to choose the optimal option.

Feel free to browse through our website in order to choose the most appropriate HELA connectors for your application and, in case any question are to be answered, please contact us, either via a phone-call or an e-mail.

Hela Flange - F

Pipe flange with a thread from 25″ to 100″.

Hela-M socket

Pipe flange with a thread from 25″ to 100″.

Elbow Hela-V

90 degree elbow for connecting pipes with a diameter of 20″ to 125″.

Nipple Hela-D

Nyperl Hela-D for connecting pipes with a diameter of 3/4″ to 4″.


Hela-B reducing fitting for connecting pipes with a diameter of 3/4″ to 4″.

Hela-T equal tee

A straight tee for connecting pipes with a diameter of 3/4″ to 5″. 

Hela-H transition connector

Hela-H transition coupling for connecting pipes with a diameter of 1/2″ to 4″.